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Timoun - concepts 01

Some concepts I did for Timoun, our year school project. It's an adventure/action game in which 3 kids are going in a big treasure hunt in the tropical island of Tucano, but they end up fighting some monsters that appeared on the way..!
Ugj Cat did all the cute final design of the characters :

We are a team of 8 students working in this game for our last year in Supinfogame Rubika.

Beatrice beauval early concept

early concepts

Beatrice beauval all new colors2

final chara concept - designs done by ugj cat (link in description), colors by me

Beatrice beauval lou dodo

early chara concepts

Beatrice beauval kat didi

early chara concepts

Beatrice beauval market

market place concept

Beatrice beauval forest2

forest concept

Beatrice beauval page2

"this way"

Beatrice beauval plan5